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San Mateo In-Floor Heating

We are proud to be the leading installers of in-floor heating systems in the San Mateo area. With years of experience behind us, we have established a set of best practices that ensures every job is completed properly, efficiently, and to our customer’s satisfaction. We use only high-quality products on our installation projects, so that you get the absolute best results possible. Our aim is to not only leave you with a floor that looks wonderful, but also feels fantastic under your toes.

How Does Underfloor Heating Work?

Most commonly, underfloor heating, otherwise known as radiant floor heating, works by way of electrical heat. Electric radiant floors operate by putting down heat-conducting plastic mats into the mortar bed of a floor. These mats contain electrical coils that heat up, and the heat produced by these coils then radiates up into your floors. The air closest to the floor is also warmed by this process, and rises to warm up the rest of the room.

Radiant Floor Heating Options

Amp Electric heated floors are compatible with the majority of flooring options, and there are various kinds of flooring selections that are available to go on top of heated floors in your San Mateo building. Generally, for best results it is suggested not to use heated flooring under hardwood, as it will heat the wood thereby drying the wood out, and can result in a lot of shrinking and cracking in the wood. For best results we suggest the following flooring options:

  • Ceramic tile
  • Low-pile carpet
  • Laminate
  • Natural stone
  • Vinyl

Why Choose In-Floor Heating?

Underfloor heating is not only a great option because it keeps your feet warm in the colder seasons. It is also a cost and energy efficient way of heating your building. In-floor heating provides evenly dispersed heat throughout a room virtually eliminating any and all cold spots within your building. Because of the even distribution of heat it is more efficient than conventional baseboard or radiator heating systems. In-floor heating can also be a great option for people who suffer acutely from airborne allergens, as radiant heat does not circulate allergens the same way that forced air systems do.

Key Benefits of In-Floor Heating

While heated flooring has a tendency to be viewed as a luxury item, it is surprisingly affordable. As it is so economical there is no reason why you cannot have it in your own building. In addition to affordability, there are so many other reasons why installing a heated floor in your San Mateo area building is a great option. In-floor heating is:

  • Comfortable
  • Concealed from sight
  • Strengthens property value
  • Clean and dust-free
  • Safe
  • Maintenance free
  • Noiseless
  • Easy to adjust
  • Compatible with most existing heating systems